H’okay so.

Its like so totally Tuesday morning and all I could think about was video games today. So you guys are just going to have to suck it up and enjoy how I reminisce about my childhood video game history.

ALRIGHT. So it all began with a gameboy. Like everyone else born in the later 1980’s and early 90’s you probably had a large hand held brick gaming console known as the Gameboy. This was the light of your life. You would bring it with you everywhere, and spend countless hours shoving your face into its little 2inch x 2inch screen (I don’t actually know the dimensions shut up).

If you were like me (the lucky ones), you had either Pokemon: Blue, or Red. If you were awesome you had the Blue one, but if you had the red, I’m not going to judge you (just yet).

And if you were like me you would spend no average, 5hours a day playing this lovely game. Now the only problem with this game was that out of the 151 Pokemon you HAD TO COLLECT to be a pokemon master. There were a few that were missing. This was the genius of the Pokemon developers. They made you systematically have to go out, and interact with people, in order to complete your main objective. Now if you’re like me, and hated socializing with anyone that existed in the real world, this was incredibly difficult for you.

Thus the Pokemon: Yellow was developed (THANK GOD). Now you could collect all the Pokemon, and have that annoying brat Pikachu follow you everywhere (what a joy that was).

Regardless. After spending your childhood with Pokemon, you probably started finding new game systems, and living the dream that was N64. This was by far the greatest system ever made, and I will defend that comment till I die (I MEAN IT, BRING IT ON).

But even though the N64 will forever live on in my heart, the only game that still makes me the happiest, is Pokemon: Blue!


Peace, Love, and #PeanutButter



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